An Open Letter To Men Who Meet Women On Tinder

An Open Letter To Men Who Meet Women On Tinder

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It’s easy, isn’t it?

In bed when you wake up. On your way to work. At work. On the way home. Lounging on the sofa with a beer. In bed before you go to sleep.

You can sit there on Tinder all day long, swiping away.

I’ve even seen guys in the bar, surrounded by attractive women… yet they are still mindlessly swiping on Tinder.

Here are a few questions to ponder:

1. For every 100 women you swipe right to, how many do you match with?

2. How many matches have you had with women you would want to seriously date?

3. Of those matches, how many have you met in person?

4. How many of your Tinder dates have been a nourishing experience, vs a throwaway bit of fun? (if it even was fun)

5. How many hours each week are you investing into Tinder? What kind of return are you seeing on that investment?

I discuss this in the following video:

(video length: 2min 30s)

These questions all rolled up into one bigger question:

How Well is Tinder Working Out For You?

Lily loves sausages

Here’s the big problem with Tinder – women are holding all the cards. Even a woman of modest appearance has most men swiping right to her.

This means that nearly every time she swipes right, she gets a match.

I’ve seen women with THOUSANDS of matches…yet in the bar, no guy even looks twice at them.

Even ‘Sausage Lily’ here has more matches than she can handle (probably).

Consider the following:

1. On Tinder, you upload a few photos of yourself, along with a short bio. That’s it! So how easy is it to stand out from her 5000 other matches when this is all you have to work with? (and remember – this is the girl of moderate attractiveness – the hot ones match with EVERY GUY)

2. If you had 5000 women all keenly messaging you, how motivated would you be to respond to each one? How would you filter out the ones you wanted to put effort into?

That’s right – you’d pick the ones you found hottest and ignore the rest.

Or you’d be super selective up front, and only swipe right to the women who looked like they just stepped off the cover off Maxim magazine.

For regular looking guys like me and you (I’m assuming you don’t look like David Gandy), Tinder is like swimming uphill.

Yes – you can meet women on there. But it’s a LOT of work. And matching with the hot ones is virtually impossible. And even when you do catch a hot one, it’s even harder to get her to reply to your messages with any interest.

There Is A Better Way

In The Values of The Gentleman, we learned that value #2 is presence. That certain gravitas when a man walks into a room – he might not be the best looking, tallest or richest – but there is something about him that grabs your attention.

When women sense a man has a strong presence, they automatically find their heads turning towards him.

All he then has to do is walk up and say hi (if they haven’t already introduced themselves to him) – because they want to know ‘who is this guy?’

How easy is it to display presence when all you have is a few 2D photos on a tiny screen and a 3 sentence bio?

If you know how, please let me know!

Let My Coaching Team Help You

If you’re meeting great women on Tinder right now, by all means, carry on.

But if you’re not, let me help you. Book a free call with one of my coaching team to learn how to apply the values of the gentleman (especially presence) into your life.

Then you can learn how to naturally attract the women who are just right for you, as you go about your everyday life. You don’t need to waste 5 nights a week in the club ‘working on your game’.

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