Disadvantages Of Being Wealthy

disadvantages of being wealthy

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Why Rich Men Have Women Problems Too

It’s funny, isn’t it?

The average man thinks that being wealthy is the fix to all his problems.

Get money, get girls. Get respect. Get people finally listening to you.

If you’re a wealthy man, you know it’s not that straightforward.

The Women Problems of Rich Men

Some men earn $1 million a year, but the circle of buddies they hang with all earn $10 million.

Consequently, they feel like the smallest fish in the pond and the ‘last chance saloon’ option for any women they meet (even though objectively, they are doing brilliantly in life).

If they do get those really attractive girls, they end up being used for their cash – TIME and TIME AGAIN.

Deep down, all these men want is the same thing we all want – a really attractive woman who likes US for US.

And we don’t necessarily have to be talking about millionaires either – any guy with a well paying job could fall victim to this, if he’s not fully clued up.

When You Get This Right…

Get this right and you get not only a beautiful woman on your arm, but she’s also smart. Fun. Positive.

She adores you, and you adore her.

She loves the man you are and respects you deeply. She is committed and devoted to YOU and ONLY YOU.

She sees the fact you have money as yet more proof of what an amazing guy you are.

You spend hours together, laughing about stupid stuff and ‘in-jokes’. It’s you and me vs the world.

Even if you’re not looking for ‘the one’ right now and you just want to have fun – you still want to attract the right kind of women into your life.

What’s the right kind of woman? It’s a woman who likes YOU – not just your cash. It’s a woman who ENRICHES your life – as opposed to just looking good on your arm.

When You Get This Wrong…

Get this wrong, however, and…

  • You attract beautiful women with an agenda – to get the ring on their finger – then TAKE YOU for everything they can…
  • You end up getting women who talk down to you like you’re a little boy, whilst at the same time DEMANDING cash to go on yet another shopping spree…
  • You get women who SLEEP WITH the DJ, the ‘bad boy’, even the pool boy…all on your dime, while you’re out working hard to keep her in the lifestyle she’s become accustomed to. ..
  • You get women who don’t understand you (and aren’t interested in understanding you either)…
  • You get women who don’t find your jokes funny, your stories interesting and don’t even seem to like being with you…
  • You constantly feel like crap – because you know deep down your girl only likes you for your WALLET, not for the man you are underneath.

Women see the fact you have money as the ONLY reason to be with you.

And if the relationship breaks down, what happens after you’ve invested so much?

She slanders your good name in an attempt to squeeze even more cash out of you.

Is this all women see you as?

And let’s pray you didn’t marry this girl, or even worse had kids with her – because now you really are screwed.

You’re now paying god knows how many millions per year…FOR THE NEXT 18 YEARS! And all the while she’s filling your child’s head with sickening bile about what a worthless man you are…

How does it feel when people see you as nothing more than a walking dollar bill? How does it feel to know that friends, women, associates… will all be GONE INSTANTLY as soon as your money dries up?

It sucks, right?

Ever Suffered The Above? You Probably Made One Of These 2 ‘Understandable But Fatal’ Mistakes…

1. Leading With Money

When I was 23, I was utterly clueless with women. I worked a crappy temp job at the time, but in my spare time, I was quite the gambler. For a while, I made what I thought back then was good money (around $300 a day) on European soccer betting. This went to my head a little.

One day, I and a buddy from my day job went to the pub for a beer at lunchtime. We made the questionable impulse decision of not returning to work. Instead, we got talking to 2 girls and ordered some food and drinks.

When it came time to pay, I smugly declared “I’ve got this. I’m loaded!’

I thought the girls would be super impressed by my generosity. Instead what happened is my girl seemed to lose all interest in me, and my buddy’s girl got even closer to him. So I tried buying another round of drinks (expensive cocktails, of course! Surely that would impress them?)

Yes, the girls stuck around for a while – but I got no further interest from mine. If anything, she seemed to speak to me with utter contempt – yet was still happy to accept the free drinks.

I learned a valuable lesson – money attracts people to you BECAUSE THEY WANT MONEY, not because they want YOU.

Hence if you lead with money, and demonstrate how flash and rich you are…

…you end up attracting the gold diggers, and people who want to come along for the ride…

…and you REPEL the decent women of integrity who are turned off by such ostentatious displays.

In the VIP baby!

It’s easy to forget this when you’ve got your own table in the VIP with a big bottle of Ciroc. You’re surrounded by hotties in tight, figure-hugging dresses – all giggling at your jokes and seemingly fascinated by every word that comes out of your mouth.

Don’t be fooled!

At this point you may think ‘but if I don’t separate myself from the crowd by showing my cash, how will women know I’m not just another loser average Joe?

Good question. We’ll come back to that shortly.

2. No Targeting

If you’re reading this blog post and you came from Facebook, it’s because I targeted you. I’m aiming to reach wealthy men who suffer problems with women. Of course, not every reader falls into that category – but many do.

I do this because I want to TARGET the clients who are just right for me, who I can help the most.

And I deliberately EXCLUDE everyone who can’t afford me.

If a man wants my premium level service (where I put him through my highest coaching program and he gets unlimited one on one access to me), it’ll cost him $10k.

So there’s no sense in targeting men who can’t afford me – which let’s face it, are most men. There’s no sense in targeting men who want the ‘cheap’ option. I only work with men who want the best results and can afford to pay for it.

I only target men who understand the value of paying to turn left when you get on the plane instead of right.

How well do you think I would do with my Facebook ads if I put them out to everyone? Men and women of all ages, all incomes, married, single, gay.

Most of them would either not be interested or wouldn’t be able to afford my services. I would pay a fortune for my advertising, and the people who actually NEED my help probably wouldn’t even see it!

Everybody loses in that scenario.

So we TARGET the SPECIFIC WOMEN who are just right for us.

And we deliberately EXCLUDE all the women who are WRONG.

Women you don’t find physically attractive – EXCLUDED. (you probably already do this)

Women who are hot but don’t have integrity – EXCLUDED. (you probably DON’T already do this)

This second one is so important.

Don’t Know How To Spot Non-Integrity? Beware…

If you don’t know how to spot the red flags of non-integrity, you’ll attract remorseless gold diggers.

Your self-esteem is ground into the dirt as you fall in love with one beauty after another who PLAYS YOU like a fool.

These women take what they can get, while you’re left to pick up the pieces.

A woman of integrity doesn’t care about your money. Sure, it’s nice to have, but she’d happily be with you if you worked in Burger King. She likes you for you.

also, She loves the man you are. how about She loves your character and She believes in you and your work.

And she’s not interested in any ‘bigger fish’ when they find themselves on her line.

If all you have to offer is your cash, then you are VULNERABLE. Because there’s always a man with more money than you, ready to swoop away your gorgeous girlfriend from under your nose.

When she likes you for you…well, there’s only one of you, so it doesn’t matter how rich he is.

So it’s time to answer the question we raised a moment ago…

How Do I Attract Women If I Don’t Use My Cash?

Society tells us we need to either have barrels full of cash or look like we stepped off the cover of GQ (preferably both) if we are to have any chance with the best women.

In fact, the reason some men work so hard to get rich is that they think it is what is necessary to get those women.

If you’re like me, you’re not naturally the man who women swoon over. Maybe you were bullied in school like I was. Maybe the girls laughed at you. Maybe you once plucked up the courage to ask a girl out…and she sneered at you before the entire class laughed in your face.


And from this you think – if I’m ever going to have a chance with women, I need to get rich.

Women Want One Thing…

Under the surface, women all want one thing…

… to feel SAFE and PROTECTED – not just physically, but also emotionally (most guys totally miss this second one).

But how they get this feeling of safety and protection differs from woman to woman.

They want to feel like they can let go with you. That they can be themselves.

  • Some women think money will keep them safe (because they are always provided for). These tend to be the gold diggers.
  • Some women think a big tough alpha male will keep them safe (these are the woman you see with the giant scary looking roid-heads).
  • But some women are drawn to men with character…specifically CALMNESS.

If you can stay calm under any situation, regardless of what’s happening, it gives her the feeling that YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING. It gives her the feeling that you know how to handle the world.

If you know how to handle the world, you know how to stay safe. If you can keep yourself safe, you can keep her safe.

The world is a complex, confusing and scary place. As humans, we are all trying our best to understand and navigate it.

When we see a person who seems to understand it, we are naturally drawn to them.

How Do We Display This?

It’s our energy. It’s our vibe, it’s our presence.

Understand this – the energy you give off is much more deeply intoxicating than the cash you have in your bank.

Your energy causes women to feel strong DESIRE for you – as opposed to just wanting access to your cash.

Your energy SEPARATES you from every other guy – because most men have very weak energy.

And here’s the thing – you can’t fake this.

Can We Help You?

In terms of how to fix your energy, and give you the calmness that makes women feel like they have COME HOME, I want to help you with this.

I can also help you with the problem of spotting non-integrity (as you know, it’s expensive and PAINFUL when you get this wrong).

BUT – the solution isn’t necessarily the same for every guy, so one of my coaching team will need to talk with you directly to understand the specifics of your own unique situation.

We’ll talk about where you are now and where you want to get to. I’ll then help you put together a plan to get from A to B (or as I call it ‘The Treasure Map’.)

Select the appointment time below that works for you (slots are 1 hour long, calls typically run 30-45 mins):


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