Gold Digger Characteristics

Gold Digger Characteristics

Gold Digger Characteristics

Are All Women Narcissistic Gold Diggers?

Here’s a comment a guy made on Facebook when I shared my previous blog post:

gold digger characteristics

Yeah, I’m terrible at using the highlighter.

I’m noticing an increasing number of men that feel this way.

I’ve lost count of the number of comments I’ve read that Western women are lazy, entitled, selfish and materialistic.

That they are only interested in good looks and/or money.

And even if you have the money and you get the girl – she’ll still chew you up and spit you out. Once she gets that ring on her finger, she’s taking you for everything she can get…and you are POWERLESS to stop her.

everyone she meets will hear the story about what a horrendous piece of shit you are and how she’s the victim.

And it gets worse if you have kids with a woman like this – she’s taking them with her and be prepared for a long, painful and expensive fight through the courts just to get to see them once a month (if you’re lucky).

We Are Hurting

There’s a lot of Western men who are really HURTING right now.
It’s understandable.

If you’ve played the game the way you were told – be a good guy, get a good job, take care of your girl…and then she takes all your money and the kids, leaving you with nothing…

…you’re going to be pissed off. Very pissed off.

Or if you’re the good guy who is constantly ignored for the men with abs or the men with cash…and you feel WORTHLESS and INVISIBLE as a result…

…again, you’re going to get PISSED OFF as this happens to you time and time again.

And you’re going to make the link that women are all lazy entitled whores who don’t know a good thing when they see it.

But Is That Accurate?

Well here’s the thing…women like that DO exist. To deny it would be denying the truth.
But let’s be clear – there’s plenty of piece-of-shit men out there too.

This is not a woman problem. This is a HUMAN problem.

In his 1994 book ‘Power vs Force’, Dr. David R. Hawkins estimated that 85% of humanity is not capable of BASIC INTEGRITY.

That doesn’t mean most people are evil, but it does mean they are existing in the lower levels of consciousness. Fear. Shame. Anger. Revenge. Gossip. Looking down on others in order to feel good.

Their lives are one big competition and one big struggle.

They are all busy saying one thing in public and doing the exact opposite in private.

Most of them will never know what it feels like for life to just be EASY – where everyone is on your team and wants you to win.

This Poses Us With A Problem

The obvious question – how do you weed out the good few from all the trash?

Do you know how to spot the wolves?

If only 15% of humanity has basic integrity, how can you spot the ones that don’t?
It’s very difficult.

You can’t just go by someone’s words – after all, if a person lacks integrity, you’ve not got much chance of getting the truth from them.

Here’s the solution – spiritual discernment.

Or if you like, the ability to spot the wolves.

If you don’t know how to do this, you are cannon fodder.

The Big Cost

You get married to a girl without knowing this, you are essentially saying ‘I’m happy to take a 1 in 7 chance that this girl has integrity and won’t screw me over in the end.’

Because you can never know for certain that a relationship will last.

Even with the best intentions on both sides, there’s just too many variables.

But if you leave it to chance and it goes wrong (and statistically, chances are it will), 6/7 of the women will take you for everything they can.

How painful do you want this to be?

They won’t feel a shred of remorse as you’re back living in your parent’s basement, eating ramen noodles for dinner every night as they stay in the lovely house you helped build, and block you from seeing your kids.
To really twist the knife, they will gleefully tell all of your friends and family what an utter piece of shit you are.

To these women, a breakup means one of you must be in the right, and one of you must be in the wrong. She doesn’t want to be the one in the wrong – so she will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to slander your name.

The Woman Of Integrity

The woman of integrity, however, is more balanced. She might not be happy.

She might be upset. But she’s not interested in low consciousness activities like revenge.

She also recognizes that at one time she loved you, and you haven’t suddenly turned into a monster overnight just because the relationship broke down.

She just wants to move on with her life in a positive way.

She’ll say ‘we tried our best but it didn’t work out.’ She’ll want a fair settlement from you, but nothing more.

And she’ll know you’re a good father and that it’s in the best interests of her kids to see their dad.

Which ending sounds more appealing to you?

Some Men Attract the Bad Ones And Repel The Good Ones…

Some men act in such a way that makes them think they are doing the right thing to get the girl.

What they don’t realize is they are attracting all the girls WITHOUT integrity…

…but the ones with integrity (ie the GOOD ONES) are turned off instantly.

because the 85% respond well, the man thinks he is ‘successful with women’ and wonders why he keeps getting screwed over in the end.

He doesn’t realize he is repelling the very women he REALLY WANTS!

Of course – if you’re this guy, it’s very unlikely you’ll have any idea this is what’s really going on.

You’ll need somebody who really knows what you’re doing to point it out to you.

Otherwise, it’s likely you’ll stay STUCK in this deeply damaging cycle forever.

The Solution

It goes without saying that if you want to attract a woman of integrity, you first have to be a man of integrity.

If you’re not…please go away and work on that, before you come back here.

But assuming you are, I want to help you out.

Click Here to join for free

I offer a free call where we talk one on one about your current situation. I’ll explain about discernment, and what to look for (especially, what to run a mile from).

We’ll talk specifically about how to go about not just attracting women…
…but ATTRACTING THE RIGHT WOMEN into your life.

Because if you get this wrong – be prepared for pain. Lots of pain!

You can learn this the hard and expensive way…or you can get this handled now.

Book a slot in my diary below. Slots run for 1 hour, but the call typically lasts around 30 mins.

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