How to Make Women Chase You

How to Make Women Chase You

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How to Make Women Chase You

If you’re asking how to make women chase you, chances are you’re in a position where you’re feeling powerless.

Any of this sound familiar?

  • Women match with you on Tinder, but are fairly unresponsive (yes/no answers, no real interest)…
  • You’re going on dates with women but you’re making most of the conversation…
  • The women you do go on dates with aren’t what you’d describe as your ‘dream’ woman…
  • Women are the ones holding all the cards – they decide if there’s a second date. They decide if things get sexual and they are the ones with all the options. You on the other hand, have to just cross your fingers and hope you “get lucky”…

If you want to get out of this misery, it’s crucial to understand the following…

When she meets you, she’s going to put you into one of three categories in her mind.

CATEGORY #1: Not Interested

This ranges from ‘ugh yak he is so CREEPY!’ to ‘he’s a lovely guy, but I just don’t feel any chemistry’. Either way, she’s not interested in you and is never going to see you as more than a friend.

CATEGORY #2: Some Interest

If you’re working hard to match women on Tinder and go on dates right now, this is the category you’re in. She has some level of interest in you, but here’s the problem…you’s not the only guy in this category.

There might be 10 other dudes in her phone who also fall into the ‘some interest’ bracket. And she can blow hot and cold on any one of them as her mood dictates.


This is when you fall into a category all on your own.

I talk a lot more about how to do this in my free training ‘How to Meet Your Dream Girl’. But for now, it’s enough to say this is where she views you as being unique.

She sees you as being a real catch and not just ‘another guy’ – to the point where she starts ignoring every other guy on her phone. She starts clearing her calendar so she can see as much of you as possible. She replies to your messages quickly.

You fall asleep to ‘goodnight xxx’ messages from her and wake up to ‘good morning! xxx’.

You can tell she’s INTERESTED in you – and you don’t need to play any ‘treat-her-mean-keep-her-keen’ games to maintain her interest.

Your aim should be to go into category 1 or category 3. If a woman has no interest in you, great! You can move on quickly to someone who does.

And if a woman puts you as number 1 priority ahead of all her other prospects – that’s great news too! Because now you have someone taking you as seriously as you take them.

Category 2 however, will drive you crazy. It doesn’t matter how smooth you think you are, or how good your ‘game’ is…

…She always seems ‘sort of ‘ interested, yet never makes any real effort with you. You’re always chasing, convincing, cajoling her.

Even if she agrees to come on a date with you, she’s never really engaged. She’s spending most of the night staring at her phone, not listening to you and texting other people (probably other men)…

…while you try your best to make good conversation.

So the key point here is…

It’s not what you say and does that makes her chase you…it’s whether you’re in Category 2 or Category 3.

So how do you get into category 3?

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