How To Make Your Mind Body And Spirit Work Together

how to make your mind body and spirit work together

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Here’s What The Man In ‘Energetic Alignment’ Looks Like…

…and why he gets all the money, respect, fulfillment, happiness he could ever need (not to mention that woman who is JUST RIGHT for him).

Here are some things you’re now probably aware of about your energy field:

  • It’s the underlying ‘secret message’ that informs a girl whether you are ‘WORTHY’ or not…
  • Align your energy and you no longer have to worry about saying or doing the right thing (because you communicate at a DEEPER LEVEL than words and actions)…
  • Get this handled and other problem areas of your life (money, family, friends, contentment, happiness) start fixing themselves…

The KEY point is life starts to feel EASY. Impossibly attractive women start making themselves available for you. Business, job opportunities and money seem to flow into your life. People want to be nice to you.

Life is ZERO fun when you’re fighting. Struggling. Trying to convince.

If you want to feel like the world is set up for you to WIN – this post is for you.

Real Presence

Have you ever met a man of REAL presence?

Maybe it was a friend, a work colleague…or even just a random stranger.

When this person walks in a room, there is an ENERGY about him.

Although he may be calm and quiet…

…and on the surface, he isn’t DOING anything special…

…he just has SOMETHING about him.

All The Time In The World

He is solid, centered, UNHURRIED – he has all the time in the world. He moves at his own pace.

You can’t help but watch him and observe how he CARRIES HIMSELF.

When this person talks, people STOP and LISTEN.

You’re looking at a man who is ENERGETICALLY ALIGNED.

Now compare this man to the obnoxious guy who never shuts up (a pickup artist, for example).

Born With It?

Most people think presence is something you’re born with.

It’s a lucky winning genetic lotto ticket, handed out to a rare chosen few.

If you’re not born with it – TOUGH LUCK, right?

In my own journey in deepening into a man of presence…

…and my subsequent journey in energetically aligning hundreds of clients to do the same, I discovered…

…this is utter BULLSHIT!

You CAN LEARN to have presence…

…and you CAN energetically align yourself.

The Obstacles In Your Way

I’ve discovered there are only 2 REASONS why a man is NOT in energetic alignment:

1. He Lacks Clarity

He lacks clarity in terms of who he is and what he wants. When you put clear energy out into the world, the people who are MEANT to connect with you pick up on that energy. When you have unclear energy, NOBODY connects with you.

The first 2 weeks of my 8 weeks ‘Men of Power’ program are all about creating a clear, distinct energy within you that projects out into the world. The women who are JUST RIGHT for you will then ‘sniff out’ this energy and…well, trust me, you won’t need to do much to ‘make it happen’ from here.

2. He Lacks Calmness

Most men try to give the appearance of ‘having it all handled’. They play it cool. Some men learn ‘communication skills’ in an attempt to become more interesting.

However, an INNER CHAOS hides under the surface. Mentally these men cannot relax. They are constantly assessing if people like them. If they are saying the right thing. If they just said the wrong thing. What they should say next.

Until you can TRULY RELAX and LET GO of these neurotic thoughts…you will forever be LIMITED in the level of presence you can project.

Weeks 3-5 of Men of Power are all about installing a deeply healing calmness in you that makes women feel they have COME HOME.

Example: This is from a Men of Power client. Notice how the girl TRUSTS him enough to completely open up to him and tell him all the things she doesn’t tell other guys. He doesn’t need to win her over – they are clearly on the same team:

Another example: Note how EASY this all is, and how this client enjoyed the ‘best convo he had in a long time’:

How To Install This Presence Within Yourself

It’s not simple to just ‘fix’ these things yourself.

Every guy is unique – so you’re going to need an expert to explain the SPECIFIC STEPS needed for YOU to make these changes.

I don’t know how many of these experts exist…but I haven’t seen anyone else teaching what I teach.

You could buy another pickup program, and learn yet more material (which isn’t tailored to your needs)…

…and hope that maybe, just maybe…ONE DAY you might have enough material in your head to always have the perfect thing to say to any girl in any situation.

OR you could book a free call with me TODAY and let me give you a plan to align your energy…

…get all the AMAZING benefits that come with that…

…and finally FREE YOURSELF from all that mental torture and actually ENJOY YOUR LIFE!

What would life be like if it DIDN’T EVEN MATTER if you said the wrong thing?

What if you could say whatever you wanted and the girls still were smitten by you?

And if you’re worried about it being awkward talking to some guy you don’t know – let me reassure you. Calls me with are always fun, light hearted and above all – you’ll leave the call with a step by step plan to INSTALL this deeply healing energy within yourself.

If you don’t do this now – how else will you get this taken care of? If you leave it, the problem WILL NOT fix itself. These issues only get WORSE the longer you leave them.

Slots are 1 hour long, but the call typically runs 30-45 minutes. Book the time that suits you below:


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