How To Show Confidence To A Woman

how to show confidence to a woman

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Values of the Gentleman: The TRUTH About Attracting The Best Women

You’ve been LIED to.

If you’re anything like most men, learning ‘game’ will not get you the kind of woman you REALLY want in your life.

And even if it does work on some unsuspecting girl, she doesn’t tend to stick around for long.

You see, the game is all about putting on a ‘shtick’.

Johnny Depp can do a pretty convincing Jack Sparrow for 90 mins in Pirates of the Caribbean. But what if you asked him to be Jack Sparrow for a month?

The cracks would begin to show within a couple of days, and it would become clear that he, in fact, is not Jack Sparrow.

This is what happens when you learn the game. You get good at putting on the act and yes, sometimes women fall for it.

But the good ones will always see through you eventually (usually just after you’ve fallen for them).

The solution?

Values. Principles.

I’ve taught dozens of men how to apply the following 3 principles into their lives. Once they get it, they never have to think about how to attract or keep a woman ever again.

Value #1: Self Mastery

How well do you know yourself? Do you know what you’re good at, and what you’re not good at? Do you know the things that ALL people (not just women) want, deep down?

When you’re talking with a girl you like, how good are you at putting yourself fully out there, ‘warts and all’, vs trying to displaying the qualities you think she wants to see?

The gentleman knows that displaying his REAL self (including the quirky/weird stuff) attracts the people who are just right for him.

(video length: 47s)

Value #2: Presence

The man ‘running game’ is obsessed with content. The gentleman understands the context. Have you ever met a man who just grabbed your attention the second he walked into the room? He may not have been the tallest or the best looking, but he had something about him.

Do you think this man would need a ton of clever opening lines if he wanted to introduce himself to a woman there, or would ‘hello’ suffice?

(video length: 62s)

Value #3: Integrity

Have you ever been approached by a salesman who said all the right things, but you felt something wasn’t right?

Chances are, he was trying to sell you the product that got him the highest commission and didn’t care if that was the best solution for you.

So is it possible a guy ‘running game’ can be saying all the right things, but women feel something isn’t right?

A gentleman is not a salesman. He is only interested in win/win – if he doesn’t feel the woman would ‘win’ as a result of getting with him, he walks away. No matter how hot she is.

Result: he emits a strong vibe of trustworthiness that makes women feel they have ‘come home’.

 (video length: 64s)

How You Can Apply This

If you’re serious about change, I can maybe help you apply the ‘values of the gentleman’ into your own life instead of going down the road of dangerous pickup advice that doesn’t work.

Apply below for a free call with one of my coaching team.

On the call, your coach will explain how to apply the values of the gentleman into YOUR specific life.

You’ll then leave the call with a specific path forward that allows you to throw away all the ‘trying’ and just BE the kind of man who women are drawn towards.

Select the time that suits you below, and your coach will call when agreed:


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